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LL.M, CPA and Legal Services in Sanibel, FL

Thomas F Rizzo, PA has been serving Sanibel Florida and the surrounding area for over 25 years. He is a Certified Public Accountant, Attorney-At-Law and a Master of Law in Taxation. He provides several services including tax return preparation for individual, partnerships, and corporate accounts. Thomas F Rizzo also provides comprehensive tax & business counsel, accounting services, estate business administration planning, tax returns, general business counsel, and condominium accounting.

Thomas F Rizzo, PA has been voted "Best Accountant On The Islands" and has been an Islander since 1974. Find out more about how Thomas F Rizzo, PA can help your household or business finances today by calling 239-395-0400.

Tax Return, Business Counseling, Estate Plans, Accounting, Condo Accounting
Tax Returns

Accounting & Tax Services

  • Tax Return Preparation
    (Individual, Partnership, Corporate)
  • Comprehensive Tax & Business Counsel
  • Accounting Services
  • Estate Administration Planning & Tax Returns
  • General Business Counsel
  • Condominium Accounting

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